Equipment test platform products

Distributed airborne system integrated test system

An aircraft integrated test system to realize model-based simulation of complex systems and distributed integration testing based on real-time data distribution technology, including:

Distributed test environment

The high-real-time architecture is adopted to realize the joint test and concurrent test of multiple avionics systems to meet the requirements of high-precision time synchronization of test data.

Decoupling of middleware-based systems

Adopt the industrial Internet architecture, break through the core technologies such as data interconnection, distributed processing, software and hardware decoupling, and improve the generalization level of aviation testing.

Test cases are generated quickly

Test cases support graphical modeling and generate production-level embedded code from the model;

ICD supports graphical modeling and configuration;

The test program supports graphical integration and graphical configuration of test cases, which improves the development efficiency, readability and convenience of the entire test.

Technical indicators:

Number of access test stations≥ 10;

Number of access controllers≥ 50;

The number of analog signals connected ≥ 500;

The number of discrete signals connected ≥ 1000;

The number of single-server support models ≥ 16;

Recording and playback duration≥ 8 hours;

The test resource middleware response time is no more than 2ms.