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【hot news】The company successfully passed the supervision and audit of quality management system of new era Certification Center (GB / T 19001-2016)
On August 05 2022

From July 28 to 29, the audit team of China new era Certification Center conducted the supervision and audit of GB / T 19001-2016 quality management system for Everbright.

During the audit, the audit team of the new era Certification Center conducted an in-depth audit on the establishment and operation of the company's quality management system from the aspects of system operation, management process, communication process and service process through a series of work such as the first meeting, on-site inspection, data access, discussion and communication, and the last meeting. After a two-day rigorous and meticulous audit, the audit team believes that the management of eveh attaches great importance to the work of the quality management system. The organization is sound, the system is complete, and the management is standardized. The quality management system basically meets the requirements of the new version of the standard, and the system operates normally and is basically effective. It agrees that our company passes the on-site inspection and is recommended to maintain.

Through the supervision and audit of quality management system (GB / T 19001-2016), all employees of Everbright have enhanced their quality awareness, and the leadership has a deeper understanding of the requirements of quality management system and a better understanding, so as to make continuous efforts to improve product quality, improve management level and achieve continuous improvement in the future! For a long time, the company has attached great importance to the maintenance of quality management system and the improvement of product quality, paid attention to the education and training of quality awareness for employees, actively promoted the integration of system requirements and business requirements, regularly carried out internal audit and management review, and self-improvement and normal operation.

The company will take the opportunity of successfully passing the quality management system supervision and audit this time to further strengthen quality management, improve the company's core competitiveness and lay a solid foundation for high-quality development.